Make your headspace your happy place.

We help Dissociative Identity Disorder systems to quickly transform into a team so you can start living a functional, normal, and happy life!

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We get it. DID comes with some unique challenges.

And it can get confusing fast. Trying to juggle things like alters, trauma triggers, and therapy appointments while trying to function can seem nearly impossible.

Whether you’re trying to figure out where your body goes at night, get your headmates to talk to one another, or get everyone in the headspace to agree on something, it can be tough! We’ve been there and we know the unique struggles that many Dissociative Identity Disorder systems face.

That’s why here on The Happy Headspace, we help DID systems to speed up the process of becoming a team with your headmates. We guide systems step by step on their journey with things like adjusting to your diagnosis, meeting your alters, creating an internal landscape, and much more! Watch the video to learn more!

How we can help

Save time and money

It doesn't have to take years to become friends with your headmates. You can get started today!

Be understood

As systems ourselves, we know how it feels to have a headspace. No more having to explain or justify yourself.

become your best self

What could your system do if you were able to work as a team? We believe in you and we can help you get there.


  • Created by two DID systems that have first hand experience
  • Designed to get your system from A to B as effectively as possible
  • All courses are “play on demand” so watch whenever works for you
  • Lifetime access to each course so there’s no pressure
  • All coaching calls are tailored to your unique system
  • Both coaches are systems that know what it’s like to have DID


Full disclaimer: we are not therapists/doctors/mental health professionals. We’re just two systems with Dissociative Identity Disorder that want to help other systems to live their best lives.

While therapy focuses on the emotions and mental processes behind DID, we help systems with the day to day actions that will help them to live their best lives. We do this through articles, worksheets, courses and coaching sessions.

DID comes with some very unique situations for everyday life and those are the problems that we strive to help with. Things like how to set up your house for everyone, the best ways to communicate internally/externally, how to finally pick a wardrobe that everyone loves, and more!

Great question! While therapy is done with a therapist that has gone to school to learn how to help, coaching is done with someone that is a few steps ahead of you on your journey.

The two systems that run this site are NOT therapists but we have years of personal experience under our belt. We know what it’s like to live with DID and we’re passionate about helping other systems to speed up their progress!

While there are therapists that work for both, this site focuses exclusively on collaboration. So if your system wants to give team work a try, we can help!

We do! We believe that everyone deserves a chance to live their best life regardless of their financial situation. Because of this, we’ve set up our site as a “gift economy”. Every resource that we offer has a “pay what you can” option. 

Essentially, this means that we ask that you pay what you responsibly can pay at this time. If you currently can’t afford to pay us anything, that’s okay! We want every system to have the opportunity to work together as a united team.

**If you have the desire to gift us some funds, you can do so by selecting a course or emailing us at [email protected]. Any amount will help for us to offer more “pay what you can” coaching slots and to create more content! Thank you!  

We suggest that every system start by getting a free copy of the guide “Transform Your DID System Into A Team”

From there, your system will be able to get a clear idea of what the next steps are for your system!

If you’d like to check out our blog posts, articles on the site are divided into four main categories: New to DID, Getting Along With Alters, Getting Along With External People, and Thriving As A System.

Start Working Together Today!