Ready to fill out some surveys to help other systems?

We’re so glad you’re here to help! All of the information provided will help for us to get a better idea of what other systems need. None of the systems will require any personal information. Thank you so much for helping us create content that will help more systems to build a happy headspace!


This survey will just be asking some all around general questions like how many known alters does your system have, how long have you been diagnosed, and things like that.


This survey is all about what your system is amazing at! This is the place to humble brag about all the incredible stuff your system has accomplished and the place to share any tips and tricks you picked up along the way.

Room For Improvement

This survey will ask about the areas that your system is currently working on. What kind of struggles does your system experience? What information would it take for these things to improve?


This survey will asking about all things related to therapy. Things like, do you like your therapist? If you do, how did you find them? What are some red flags you’ve noticed with past therapists? The goal here is to help other systems find the right therapist for their D.I.D. if they want one.

Family Support

This survey is going to ask about your family and the type of support you’re currently getting from them. Family can be a mixed bag but this is the place to let us know what your family situation is like.

Social Life

This survey is all about friends, hobbies, and all around having fun. How many hours a week does your system dedicate towards social gatherings? How easy is it for your system to find friends?

Work Life

This survey will go over work challenges and triumphs. Is your system currently working? How does your system pick an alter to front for work?


This survey is all about intimate, committed relationships. Is your system in a committed relationship? How does your system feel about your spouse? How does your spouse feel about your D.I.D.?

It can be really easy to feel alone and isolated when you have D.I.D. but it’s very likely that there are tons of systems just like you going through the same things. The information you provided will help us to create better resources for systems like yours. Thank you!