Make your headspace your happy place.

We help Dissociative Identity Disorder systems to quickly transform into a team so you can start living a functional, normal, and happy life!

Hey! Welcome to The Happy Headspace!

We’re glad that you’re here. If you’re wondering about the two systems that run this site, this is us!

This is “The System” (on the left) and this is “The Council” (on the right).

For most of our life, we’ve thought that we were:

  • cursed with a terrible memory
  • “two-faced”
  • flakey
  • a bold faced liar
  • easily distracted
  • And a whole host of other things!

Finally being accurately diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder was intensely terrifying and relieving all at the same time. On the one hand, it felt amazing to know that we weren’t making up the voices, that we weren’t “lazy”, that there was a reason for our time gaps, and all kinds of things like that.

On the other hand, adjusting to being multiple felt like this massive undertaking. We felt depressed that we’d never get to live a “normal life”, scared that we we’d always be alone, and livid that someone had done this to us.

Together, everyone in The System and The Council worked to find ways to not just make D.I.D. bearable, but enjoyable! Both of our headspaces are filled with welcoming, encouraging, and all around amazing alters. All of the headmates love each other so much that we just knew that we needed to share this information with more systems.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and you’re feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed, and things like that, we understand! The goal of this site is to help other systems to become a family that works together.

One of the harsh realities of having D.I.D. is that many systems don’t grow up with the best of families. That doesn’t mean your headmates can’t become a family. And not just any family; a loving, supportive, and encouraging one that is safe and stable. This site is here to give you tips, how-to’s, encouragement, and ideas to help you and your alters build your own happy headspace.


Read the blog or look for an e-course.

If you’re in need of immediate help, please check out the links below. We’re proud of you for reaching out for help when you need it!