Make your headspace your happy place.

We help Dissociative Identity Disorder systems to quickly transform into a team so you can start living a functional, normal, and happy life!

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There are two categories of courses: Foundation and Add On. If you have any questions about which course would be best for your system, please feel free to contact us.

Foundation Courses

These courses are designed to help every system to live their best life with the essential skills that are needed to thrive with DID. The courses are meant to be taken in order because they build on each other. If you think your system might be able to skip a course, contact us and we’ll let you know for sure!


A Straightforward Guide To Connecting With More Of Your Headspace In Just One Week
  • Learn how to gather information from headmates
  • Speak directly with alters and get to know them
  • Develop effective systems to keep track of all the things going on internally and externally

Home At Last

The Step By Step Process For Creating An Internal Home And Culture That Your Whole Headspace Will Love
  • Remove alters from their traumatic internal home
  • Easily have team meetings with all headmates
  • Develop internal communication that works

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Add On Courses

These courses are about specific issues that may or may not effect your system. Because of that, the courses can be taken in any order. If you’re not sure if a course will help your system, contact us and we’ll let you know what we think!

Happily Married And Multiple

A Straightforward Guide To Overcoming DID Related Relationship Issues
  • Learn how to identify triggers and root problems quickly
  • Create a plan for getting everyone’s needs met
  • Confidently have a disagreement and feel heard

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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